Tiffany Joyner

Segment: The Coaching Companion

Tiffany JoynerTiffany Joyner is a native of Brooklyn, New York but has lived in the Philadelphia area for several years.
She has worked as an educator for the past 15 years as teacher, adjunct professor, and currently a Family Coach for a cyber charter school.
She is also the founder of Write Away, an organization committed to promoting literacy to children and families.

“Furry Mouse” is her first children’s picture book that addresses fear in a humorous and comical fashion. It also encourages children to find solutions in dealing with challenges.

Hobbies include traveling, reading, visiting coffee shops and quaint book stores.
She is also a lover of Thai food and other Asian delicacies.


Facebook: writeawaynow
Twitter: WriteAwayDay
Instagram: write_away_woman