Rev. Derrick May

Your Life Matters

Always remember that the life you live matters. No matter what challenges we face in life that may make us feel like our reign in living feels too stressful or too much to bare. When the dreams that we have seem to be far away from reality.  No matter where you are right now in your life, the negative things that have happened won’t be the constant. The things we go through in life are temporary. Trouble doesn’t last always. Righteousness will always prevail and will push its way to the forefront. We can put our faith in God knowing that he is in full, complete control. That he has the ability to shift a situation at any time. He is not limited like man is. In fact, he is far superior than us. He is the creator, the total authority and has power to dynamically change any and everything.

He has placed a purpose in each of us. His plan is for us to achieve, to have success. Your life is meant to be lived out for his glory. You were not put here just to exist, to go through tough times and to accept the enemy’s attacks and fall in defeat. Your life is meant to be lived in liberty, to fulfill the mission that has been placed on you to carry through. The road may not be easy, struggle may show up, but He has placed in you the strength to endure and the will to finish. So if you ever wonder if your life matters, it absolutely does. You were created by him and for his purpose, that alone makes you special, makes you unique, he loves you and is glad to see his work living for him. The more you live and build a relationship with Him, the more you’ll see how much your life really means.