Weekly Segment: Uplift Today

Derrick MayDerrick May is the owner of technology/business based company – MAYWORKS & radio station – Primetime Power Radio.

His company MAYWORKS offers professional website design & development, computer services such as repairs, upgrades, custom builds and more.  In his company he serves the role of Owner, Senior IT Specialist and as a Senior Consultant. The company was founded by Derrick May in 2000.

Derrick May spiritual background is that he was licensed in 2008 by way of the AME church as a Licentiate to Preach the Gospel. May also served as an Reverend appointed by Pastor Vaughn B. Wilson at New Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church. He served as a teacher for Sunday School, assisted with new members and new converts to help them know and accept Christ, Worship Leader and conducted Altar Prayers & preached at New Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church and at other churches.

May has a strong passion and love for technology and business. Derrick May also is a big Philly sports fan particularly professional football and basketball and is a diehard fan of his hometown Philadelphia Eagles and Philadelphia 76ers. He also enjoys being creative whether it is doing web and graphic design, working with audio/video, troubleshooting computer issues or helping others with website and business projects providing his input and expertise.

Derrick May can be described as a humble, giving and real individual who is sincere, positive and strives to become what God wants him to be. He recognizes that he is a work in progress and is always willing to improve as a man. He continues to work daily to be the man he was ultimately called to be.

Derrick May serves in the role of Creator, Operations/Production Director, Radio Personality and Producer of the Primetime Power Show.



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